Rio Ferdinand Book Signing (First Post)

So here is my first post on this blog and hopefully many more will follow. I’ve tried making blogs before but now I’m at University doing Journalism, I’m trying to use social media as much as I can!


So today I finished shorthand lessons (which are actually pretty awesome!) and some mates of mine decided to go into Manchester city centre for some stationary. So we got on the tram, got to the Arndale and walked into the WaterStones store. Whilst my mates walked around thee shop I noticed that there was a que forming, so I went over to someone who worked there and asked them what it was all about, turns out Rio Ferdinand was due to appear for a book signing. I couldn’t believe it, so when I told my mates from my course about it expecting them to be just as excited as me, it turns out they don’t like football. Brilliant. So they left me in the Arndale and my phone was on 1%.

Ferdinand was due in at 5 and it was half 4 and I needed to charge my phone. I walked around the nearby restaurants and cafes hoping for a plug socket and after ten minutes of aimlessly wondering I went back to Waterstones and there was a Costa with one. I hate Costa, but I’ll give them this one. over an hour later Rio eventually turned up but there was no books because apparently the courier had ‘gotten lost ‘, so he disappeared again. Eventually the books turned up and about 6ish I was finally at the front of the que to meet him. I was pretty confident in myself but for some reason my hands were out of sync and shaking. Whilst he was signing my book I asked him what it was like playing for another team after all these years of playing for united, he said ‘it’s not good when there not winning’ we nervously laughed and then asked him if he still considers himself United, he looked up from signing my book, smiled and said ‘Always’. It was a pretty cool moment to be honest. I then shook his hand and said thanks for your time and off I went.

Not bad to say I didn’t really need anything and ended up meeting one of England’s best players (In my opinion) completely by accident!!


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